Aeternea, Age of Heroes

In every world, there are times for heroes. In Aeternea, the need for heroes never dies.

The Eras

Aeternea spans three eras: the prehistoric Urlesia, World War II, and the modern world.


A world of contrasts, Urlesia consists of two continents peopled with savage barbarians, powerful sorcerers, evil warlords, and scheming priests. Sandaled feet trod the cracked marble floors of long-fallen kingdoms, sinister forces conspire in shadowy retreats, conspirators plot the downfall of benevolent leaders, and wise men work to produce an age of enlightenment whilst brutish warriors astride giant pterodactyls rule the skies.

Golden Age

Although not quite so diabolical as the history we all know, this era is marked by a bloody war between the Axis and its diabolical allies and the Allies. It is a time of weird science, giant robots, rocketeers, sky captains, two-fisted adventurers, super-spies, dark mystics, and sultry vixens.

The Modern World

It is a time of great advances and often even greater regressions. Global powers—multinationals, nations, and multi-national stateless armies—struggle overtly and covertly for limited resources. All the while, darker forces move behind the scenes, pulling puppet strings and driving the world ever closer to doom.