Jon "Doc" Drabek

Dr. Jon "Doc" Drabek, successful surgeon, killed in a car accident, come back to life.


Dr. Jon “Doc” Drabek, was a successful surgeon until that night, the night something hit his car and killed him. He was dead. He was on the table, surrounded by co-workers doing everything they could to save him. But there was nothing to save. Jon was dead. For several minutes.

Then, with the doctors pulling their gloves off and their masks down, the impossible happened. Jon breathed again. His eyes fluttered open and he looked around, confused but alive.

Jon changed that night. It wasn’t just losing his 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Disappearing Top Convertible Coupe to some mysterious crash he couldn’t recall. No, he had the wreckage hauled to his garage and promised himself he’d rebuild it one day. It wasn’t just the look of . . . fear in the eyes of his co-workers at his impossible resurrection. No, he was just as scared as they were by what he heard and read about the operations, the ruined body, and the impossible healing it underwent over the course of a few days. It wasn’t the way Beth and Margie seemed unable to accept he was alive after such a dreadful accident. How could they accept it when he couldn’t? What changed Jon was . . . something else, something alien.

How else to explain what he could do now? Food meant nothing to Jon. He never needed to sleep. He could move unseen. The greatest injury was an inconvenience recovered from in hours or, at worst, days. And he could move, running at unimaginable speeds!

At first, Jon dealt with the changes as any sane man of science would, turning to alcohol. The alcohol turned him ugly. It drove a wedge between him and Beth then even Margie, who had been the light of his life since her birth. And the wedge only made him hate himself even more.

Eventually, Beth and Margie left him and Jon tried to clean up his life. He bought an warehouse attached to the hospital through the steam tunnels. He purchased a mangled 1932 Indian Scout motorcycle and rebuilt it. Finally, he created a simple costume, ultimately renaming himself “Doc,” giving Freedom City a hero to fight against the darkness, a hero who fought the darkness inside on a daily basis.

Jon "Doc" Drabek

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