Nike (aka Nikki)

Winged huntress - the basis of the Greek Nike myths


Tall, muscular, and ferociously beautiful. Nike has bluish grey skin, blue/black hair, and sports a leathery pair of wings. Horns jut from her forehead, elbows and knees, and her fingers and toes are clawed. Metallic chains drape her shoulders and wrap down along her arms, as if they were jewelry. These can extend out 20’ and are she is quite deadly with them.


Nike or Nikki is also sometimes called Nacht Daemon. She’s the mercurial, passionate, and ferocious guardian aspect of the shapeshifting metahuman, Terri. You know how they say you don’t want to get between a momma bear and her cubs? That pretty much describes Nike – you don’t want her mad at you, or want her to think you’re going to hurt her charges. And unfortunately for bullies, criminals, and those who would prey on others…she considers all of their victims her charges.

Nikki and Terri spent quite a while in the area of Greece, where they were known as Nike and Athena. It amuses Nikki how statues depicting Nike are always standard human female forms with bird wings, instead of her horned features and leathery wings.

Nikki feels at home around the Greeks, and while she can’t live amongst them in the modern world, she favors Greek neighborhoods more frequently than others when she patrols. In Freedom City, she’s struck up a friendship with Dimitri Papodopolous and his daughter Iliana. Dimitri fought against the Bulgarians at the Battle of Skra-di-Legen in 1918, during which shrapnel from an artillery shell ruined his legs. Nike appeared over his platoon and attacked the approaching Bulgarian soldiers, saving the men from further slaughter, after which she then disappeared. After the war, Dimitri immigrated to the US and runs a bookstore in Southside in a small greek neighborhood. He spotted Nike patrolling the roofs and called out to her, and the two have developed a friendship. She frequently stops in for dinner with Dimitri and Iliana in their small apartment above their bookstore. They swap stories of old Greece and current events in Southside. Nike has become found of reading murder mysteries.

Nike (aka Nikki)

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