Spring Heeled Jack

Leaping Half-Fae Vigilantee


Normally, Ronnie Gandor is 5ft 8, with a slightly wiry build and rust-colored hair. He commonly is in his bar-tending attire, but also dresses in the normal fashion when he’s off work (during the day).
In his half-fae appearance, he’s about two inches taller (while slightly hunched over) his hair gets darker, and he has iron claws, sharper teeth, pointed ears, metallic-grey colored skin, and pants blue-white flames on occasion. He wears a dark oilskin cloak (essential a longer trench coat), with a white oilskin outfit underneath (to keep with the appearance of the older springheels).


A somewhat recent arrival to Freedom City, Ronnie Gandor publicly works as a bartender known as “Elmer Graham”. The bar he works at is a comfortable place, almost a tavern, named Strangefellows. That’s the limit of his normalcy, since his mother is something that belongs in a medieval folk tale used to frighten children into behaving. And his grandmother (“Black Annis”) actually is one of those tales. But Ronnie’s mother is the Queen of the Iron Fae, a position held through strength, manipulation, and favors and debts that she is owed, which to the fae is a power in its own right. This heritage made him a “Spring Heeled Jack”, a type of half-fae that appeared in the last century or so, named after their tremendous leaping ability (and Jack served as the original John Doe, referring to any unknown male). While the other spring-heels used their abilities for personal gain and “entertainment”, Ronnie decided it would be best to give back to the community. Unfortunately, when he uses his inhuman nature, his appearance is a little monstrous, and his previous namesakes didn’t leave a good reputation behind.
As Spring-Heeled Jack, he enjoys raiding the evil organization TALON, and otherwise stopping crimes. He has acquired various contacts in the fae, from gremlins to changelings (shape-shifting fae, who serve as replacements for mortals, spies, and information brokers among the fair folk).

Spring Heeled Jack

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