Terri Marino (aka Victoria Crown)

Shape shifting guardian of humanity


A powerful metamorph, Terri can assume any form she desires. She primarily appears as the beautiful young socialite known as Victoria Cross. Victoria is the “granddaughter” of an earlier persona, Cyrus Cross, a shipping and railroad magnate. She sometimes appears in the guise of handsome, middle-aged Athena, assuming a slightly older appearance that she used in ancient Greece.


Terri Marino was a young metahuman just coming to understand her powers in Freedom City during 2011CE when a freak accident thrust her deep into the distant past, where she awoke in the form of a man with no clear memory of his past.

Terri is a shape shifter who changes guises and personas the way humans change clothes. She has favorites that she chooses to be, but throughout history she has walked amongst humanity living hundreds of different lives. Spanning eons, Terri’s past is varied and rich – living as farmers, hunters, soldiers, merchants, peasant or royalty, male or female, rich, poor, or in between. Mortal, god. Goddesses of wisdom, of war, or a trickster god.

In 1938CE Freedom City, Terri wears the guise of Victoria Cross, a socialite who uses her wealth for charitable causes. Victoria lives aboard the motor yacht “Orion”, currently moored at the North Bay Yacht Club.

Behind the scenes, Terri investigates and fights corruption, crime, and the evil that has always walked amongst humanity. One of her alternate forms is that of Nike, a ferocious winged huntress. Nike is generally the form that most of the underworld sees.

She is aware that a great evil is rising in central Europe, and heros will need to rise up and fight…

Terri Marino (aka Victoria Crown)

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