Thomas "Two-feather" Kodiak

A Shamanistic Recluse drawn back to civilization to combat an unknown threat.


Tommy was always a shy child who worshipped his older brother Steven. They were both being raised by their Grandfather, Retired FBI Agent Jon Wandering Bear, on their native lands in Alaska. Tommy never understood where Steven and Jon would disappear to sometimes, but he learned quickly to take care of himself.

Steven and Jon left one night and never returned when Tommy was 14 years old, disappearing into the forest. Tommy lived on his own, pretending Jon and Steven were out whenever someone would check up on him, but the lack of supervision and the feeling of being abandoned were too much for Tommy and he turned to alcohol and drugs. He became a tragedy of the tribe, but everyone felt sorry for him and left him be, besides he was a mean drunk and quite a fighter.

The tribe just ignored Tommy, until on his eighteenth birthday, he left the bar in a drunken stupor, stumbling out into a blizzard mumbling something about going and finding his Grandpa. He encountered the spirit of his Grandfather, which led him to the medicine bag and showed him how to access the Den, a Dimensional pocket where the former spirits of the previous Kodiak Shamans have gathered to teach each new generation.

He has spent the last 25 years training, learning, and living mostly in the Den. He has sobered up and lives in isolation in a cabin in the woods. He still occasionally interacts with the tribe to get supplies and such, but not for very long, preferring the company of the spirits to that of the living.

Due to his focused training in the Den, he has become very strong and learned in the art of Magic, but his people skills are mostly lacking. He comes off as an arrogant know it all, even though he really is trying to do the right thing. He also possesses the ring which was enchanted by Jon, in remembrance of his old team mate The Scarlet Scarab, to act as the hub allowing the ring bearers to communicate telepathically amongst themselves.

Thomas "Two-feather" Kodiak

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