MY Orion

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Length Overall: 80 meters
Beam: 10.4 meters
Draft(Keel): 3.91 meters
Displacement: 1480 Tonnes
GRT: 1103 Tonnes
Cruising Speed: 13 Knots
Maximum Speed: 14.6 Knots
Engine Horsepower: 2820hp
Fuel Capacity: 121 Tonnes
Fuel Consumption: 400l per hour
Range: 4670 miles@ 12.8 kts
Crew complement: 17/18
Guest capacity: 12
Cabin arrangements: 1 master suite
2 double cabins
3 twin cabins


ORION began life in 1927 on the drawing boards of the distinguished naval architects Cox & Stevens who were considered the leading yacht designers of their day. Her design was commissioned by Mr. Russell Alger, Chairman of the Packard Car Company, and the renowned German yard of Frederich Krupp Germania Werft A/G, in Kiel, were awarded the building contract. The yacht was launched in 1930 as MY REVELER.

On the death of her owner she lay in England for nearly a year until bought by Charles McCann, head of the Woolworth store chain, who re-named her CHALENA, furnished her in a somewhat homely style, and enjoyed her for most of the next four years based out of the Glen Cove Station of the New York Yacht Club.

In 1936, she was purchased by Victoria Crown, owner of Crown Shipping, who renamed her ORION, and had her remodeled. She is based out of the North Bay Yacht Club in Freedom City.

1. Guy Morrall – Captain (British)
2. Daan DeWitt – 1st Officer (S. African)
3. Tom McCormick – Chief Engineer (Scottish)
4. Archie Bethel – Asst. Engineer
5. John Cockerill – Asst. Engineer
6. Jerry Parr – Electrician
7. Alice Campbell – Chief Stewardess
8. Lauren Carter – Stewardess
9. Bobbi Smith – Stewardess
10. Jodi Shaw – Stewardess
11. Alfred Pennyworth – Steward (British)
12. Thomas Carr – Head Chef
13. Art Shaw – Asst Chef
14. Michael James – crewman
15. Ben Scott – crewman
16. Kyle James – crewman
17. Lloyd Hoffmeyer – crewman
18. Sam Gibson – crewman

MY Orion

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