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The Case of the Dame in the Bay

  • Harbor patrol brought in the body of a nude, badly bruised, pretty blonde woman
  • She had apparently fallen into the bay from a great height, breaking her knees and neck from the impact, and bruising her left side.
  • Her privates were shaved or waxed.
  • Identified as Lt (JG) Karina Bell.
    • Lt Bell was romantically working for, and romantically involved with, Lt Charles Tolbert, US Office of Naval Intelligence.
    • She was investigating a Nazi spy ring, specifically Erich Gimpel
  • Lt. Bell appears to have been tossed from the Graf Zeppelin II by The Phantom, as seen by Kodiak’s post-cog

The Case of the Devious Dragon

  • A Shen Lung water dragon raided the Hunter Museum, stealing a Ming vase and killing two museum night guards.
  • The Ming Vase – According to Professor Fletcher Griswald the vase was a legendary vessel holding the female half of a Shen Lung water dragon. The dragon has been diminished for centuries because of this.
  • This dragon is tricky and a shape-shifter (Asian male, Asian female, and water), and managed to escape Jack and Nike.
  • Bookstore break in – a week or two after the Museum Murders.
    • The dragon appears to have ransacked Dimitri’s reserve of occult books, and abducted Terri’s friend Dimitri

The Case of The Freighter Opertus

  • Something valuable was being stolen from the freighter
  • Doc and Scarab fought thugs, and three amphibians.
  • After the fight, interrogation of a captured thug revealed the involvement of Antonio Scarpitti, a local crime lord, who hired them to steal something from the ship.
  • A box holding a sarcophagus from Egypt was loaded on to the freighter in Libya.
    • This was being shipped to Near East Antiquities in Freedom City.
    • The box was stolen by Scarpitti’s thugs, and taken to a warehouse. The thugs were all found beaten dead, but appear to be rising as zombies.

The Case of the Destroyed Files

  • Death Bat and Kodiak fought off a Presence that spoke with a German accent at the Federal building
  • After the fight they found Agent Kowalski’s files on the Nazi spy ring were destroyed.
  • The Phantom appears to have been behind this break-in and destruction
    • Kodiak’s post-cog showed that The Phantom destroyed William Colepaugh’s file, and then destroyed the others to possible cover what he was after.
    • Looking at a piece of The Phantom’s cloak, post-cog showed him aboard the Graf Zeppelin II where he tossed the nude, unconscious body of Lt. Karina Bell overboard (See “The Case of the Dame in the Bay”
    • Kodiak and Death Bat tracked The Phantom to Freedom Tower. The Phantom sensed Kodiak’s astral presence and fled.

The Case of the Co-Ed Who Knew Too Much

  • One of Prof A’s student, Janine Mueller, knows too much about his past.
    • In a paper she wrote, she has intimate knowledge of Firestorm
    • Paper notes Ancients that have worked through time for their own ends
  • Janine is the apparent target of an abduction attempt at her dorm by Italians. This is foiled by Saint and Firestorm
    • She remains unconscious at the Professor’s mansion, with only a light bump to the back of her head.
    • One of the thugs wore an emblem of the Black Chalice under his outerwear.
  • The Order of the Black Chalice is an organization wrongly associated with the Knights Templar and other smeared or fallen organizations
    • Saint knows of them, says they were ancient enemies bent on bringing about the End Times, associated with his demonic former-lover.
    • The Order sent a representative to Freedom City to contact sorcerer known as Sebastian Chamberlain.

Golden Age Investigations

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