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The Land

Urlesia is largely an untamed land. Wild jungles and primordial forests, bogs and swamps, deserts and rugged steppes—the terrain is wildly diverse, as are the people. There are three main general peoples: the pale-skinned and generally barbaric Hyperboreans, the brown-skinned and more-civilized Lemurians, and the copper-skinned Picts.

The People

For the civilized Hyperborean people, Kulumbria is a shining light, a relatively young city-state of immense power and influence. What few other Hyperborean city-states there are tend to associate themselves with Kulumbria in matters of trade and politics.

For the Lemurian people, gold-and-gem encrusted Lemur is testament to their history and power. Although something of an aggressor, with internecine border battles with the Picts and frequent excursions into Hyperborean tribal holdings, the Lemurians are generally benevolent and decent.

For the Picts, there are many settlements, few of which extend beyond a clan or tribe’s holdings. Although advanced enough to build a city, never-ending conflict—Pict-on-Pict, Pict-on-Lemurian, and even Pict-on-Hyperborean—generally prevents the luxury of such an endeavor.



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